Farm Board

Farm Board Members

Bobby Yazzie Farm Board Member
Linda Bia, Farm Board Member
Stephanie Begaye, Farm Board Member


Community Land Use Planning Committee

Richard Brady, CLUPC President
Norena Pahe, CLUPC Vice-President
Patricia Charley, CLUPC Secretary


Introduction- Secretary

Hello All My Relatives,


My name is Linda Brady, I am an Ogallala Sioux born for the Water Flowing Together Clan. I was nominated by Leta Descheny, the previous Rock Point ABNDN Secretary in January 2018 to take over her responsibilities due to other obligations and commitments which I was happy to help her out. It’s a be responsibility and I was only to be in this position for a short time but I’m still here.

 I would like to welcome you all to our monthly ABNDN Meetings. They will be posted and available on the Chapter Calendars for meetings dates and time. I recently was informed that I could post information regarding ABNDN organization updates and information on the Chapter Website, How AWESOME is that!

 We are currently still looking for anyone interested in being a part of the Rock Point Chapter ABNDN Officials. I would like to see more of our younger generation attend these meetings. It’s a great learning experience and we are always open to new ideas concerns regarding the ABNDN organization. I hope to see you all at our next meeting on August 6, 2018 at 6pm.

 Thank you!

– Linda Brady, ABNDN Secretary

Veterans’ Organization

Rock Point Veterans Organization

Paul Jones, RPVO Commander
Simpson Yellowhair, RPVO Vice Commander
Leroy S. DIck, RPVO Secretary/ Treasurer

Veteran’s Organization Meeting Scheduled every 2nd Thursday of each Month.

Grazing Committee

Reeder R. Descheny, District 9 Grazing Representative
Contact Number: (928) 349-0861

Senior Center

Rock Point Senior Center Staff:

Francine Begay- Center Supervisor

Ruth Redhouse- Cook

VACANT- Driver

Senior Center Phone Number:

(928) 659-4359

Senior Center Hours:

Office Open: 8am- 5pm

Breakfast Served From: 8:30am- 9:30am

Lunch Served From: 11:30am- 1:00pm

Dinner Served From 2:30 pm- 4:00 pm (Only Scheduled Certain Days)


Meals are Offered to Elders from Age 60 for Free

Need to Submit Application for Registration with Supervisor.

* Home Delivery is Available to Elders: MUST HAVE A MEDICAL DOCTOR’S STATEMENT

Senior Center Encourages all Elders to attend and join the Senior Center 

Elders are Welcome to visit, Eat, Socialize at the Senior Center.

Activities available are:

Crafting, Bingo, Exercising, Educational/ Health Sessions 

Shower is Available for Elders for Free

Coffee & Tea offered for Elders



Region III Office: Chinle
P.O. Box 3479
Window Rock, AZ 86515
Phone: (928) 674-2141
Fax: (928) 674-2147

Rock Point Center I/II
Navajo Headstart Website:
Application Available on their Website!