General Forms

Chapter Scholarship

ONLY TO STUDENTS THAT ARE UNABLE TO COME BY THE OFFICE: Please Fax In or Email back unofficial documents to the chapter & to call to confirm that the chapter administration have received your application! Failure to do so, will result in back of waiting list. Also bring the official documents to the office. Mailing-in is also accepted. Thank you for your cooperation! Be aware that it is a first come first serve basis.

Students, A reminder that you are only awarded once every year, we will not award you for every semester.

EXAMPLE: If you applied for fall 2014, you are not eligible until fall 2015.

Make Sure to Check to in at the Chapter if you are Registered, Many People are on the Purged List. If you are purged, you have to re-register at the election office or at the chapter. Stated in the Plan of Operation, states that you can not get assisted until 3 months after you register.

Other Scholarships:

Navajo Nation Scholarship Website:

Navajo Tribal Utility Authority Scholarship:

Indian Health Service Scholarship Program:

Housing Discretionary 

Once You are Assisted, You must make your purchase less than a month, unless other arrangements have been made with the Administration. It is required that you must RETURN your receipt AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Other Community Members would like to get assisted as well! Thank You For Your Cooperation!


All Rock Point Chapter Employment must have the Following Documents Submitted with Application

Employment Application
Social Security Card
Certificate of Indian Blood
Driver’s License
Letter of Interest
NN Voter Registration Card


* Other Documents May be Required depending on Type of Employment